OMEGA SERVICES GROUP LLC - Real Estate Consulting / Sales & Acquisitions / 1031 Exchanges
Providing Real Solutions

Right now, there are thousands of people who have properties on the market they can't sell.
Right now, there are thousands of potential buyers who  can't qualify for mortgages.
There are thousands of others who are stuck with properties that have become impossible for them to maintain, foreclosures and short sales have become commonplace. Solutions to these problems have been difficult to find, until now.
We are Omega Services Inc. your premier real estate problem solving specialists. 
We help people who are interested in buying a home but are having difficulty finding traditional lending options as well as those homeowners who need to sell quickly.  Omega Services, Inc. is providing realistic, fast and effective solutions in today's difficult real estate market.
We provide solutions for:
  • "un-sellable" houses - even with little or no equity
  • "un-loanable" buyers - if the bank says no, we can help
  • pre-foreclosure - save your credit and avoid the legal hassles
We offer:
  • understanding and professional service
  • quick and innovative cash solutions
  • property location and pre-screening for investors
  • short-term and long-term investment opportunities
  • commission protection for collaborating Realtors/Brokers*
Investors. Agents. Brokers. If you are a real estate professional  looking to enhance your business, contact us today! We'll work to help you close 2-3 extra deals every month. 
We will offer guaranteed commission protection* for collaborating Realtors® and Brokers   
*commission protection guaranteed on all collaborative deals. Contact Omega Services Inc for specific details.