OMEGA SERVICES, INC. - Real Estate Investments/Consulting
Providing Real Solutions
Right now, there are thousands of people who have properties on the market they can't sell. 
Right now, there are thousands of potential buyers who  can't qualify for mortgages.
There are thousands of others who are stuck with properties that have become impossible for them to maintain, foreclosures and short sales have become commonplace.
Solutions to these problems have been difficult to find, until now.
We are Omega Services Inc. your premier real estate problem solving specialists. 
We help people who are interested in buying a home as well as those homeowners who need to sell quickly.  Omega Services, inc. is providing realistic, fast and effective solutions in today's difficult real estate market.
We provide solutions for:
  • "un-sellable" houses - even with little or no equity
  • "un-loanable" buyers - if the bank says no, we can help
  • pre-foreclosure - save your credit and avoid the legal hassles
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Are You Selling?
Looking for "qualified buyers"? Want to sell quickly? Has your home been on the market for three months or more? If your home is not currently under contract, we can match you with buyers that will offer cash immediately!
If your home is already under contract for sale, we will work with your Realtor® to get your home sold quickly, and we'll pay the commission!
We offer a nationwide buyers network with thousands of members that are actively looking to buy homes. Contact us today and start receiving serious offers for your property.
If you feel you are at risk of foreclosure, or you need to refinance, let Omega Services Inc. help you avoid the legal and financial consequences of losing your home.
We will provide fast and innovative options to help you get offers quickly!   Don't let another day go by under the stress and strain of not knowing where to turn.
Contact us today and receive a free confidential consultation.
Are You Buying?
We partner with the top real estate professionals around the country, you can search for the best deals in your area and make appointments to view them.  If you are interested in buying a home, but you are having difficulty finding traditional funding, we have a variety of ways to help.
Register now at our Property Hub to view our available listings, we will contact you to discuss your specific circumstances so we can help get you into your new home.
Are You A Real Estate Professional?
If you are a real estate professional or an investor and are looking to enhance your business, contact us to discuss your needs.
We offer *commission protection for collaborating Realtors® and Brokers, let Omega Services, Inc. help you close the deal! 
For the serious investor, we will locate and pre-screen properties based on your specific ROI criteria. Partner with us to achieve your short and long term investment goals.  
We offer:
  • understanding and professional service
  • quick and innovative cash solutions
  • property location and pre-screening for investors
  • short-term and long-term investment opportunities
  • commission protection for collaborating Realtors/Brokers*
The liaisons forged here will be the foundation for mutual success, providing Omega Services, Inc. and its' partners with a tremendous advantage in today's market.
*commission protection =  4% commission guaranteed on collaborative deals.
Commission paid by Omega Services Inc.